Ebooks, odd metaphors, and a free lecture series

Didn’t get enough of odd, ominous metaphors in my last ebooks post? Here’s one from Wired contributor Art Brodsky:

Imagine walking into a library or bookstore and needing three or four pairs of different glasses to read different books manufactured to specific viewing equipment. Or buying a book and then having to arbitrarily destroy it after say, two weeks. That’s just nuts. But it’s the current situation we’re in with ebooks.

The whole article is worth reading, particularly if, like me, you like to brood about the subtle, pernicious aspects of the digital revolution in reading hidden behind the shining possibilities.

And hey, if you like to brood in a group (as a brood?) I’ve planned a series of lectures on publishing and libraries in the digital age happening this October and November in Chicago. Details here.

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