A multitude of drastic things

In an interview in The Dissolve, three filmmakers talk about what it’s like to create interactive films.

They asked us for a script, and we were like, “That’s really hard,” because we wanted it to develop organically. Somehow, we convinced them that was okay. We wrote a broad-strokes break-up scene that just hit beats we thought could be interpreted in different ways, like, “Let’s have her say, ‘I’m going to do something drastic.’ That way, a multitude of drastic things could start playing out onscreen.” —Daniel Scheinert

The script is the most generic version of a breakup you could ever think of. There’s no way you could apply what they’re saying to 60 different actions if it was very specific. —Daniel Kwan

When we were brainstorming ideas over the last few years, that was the one thing he came up with that has become our touchstone of, “Why the fuck am I making interactive movies?” We’ve come back again and again to, “It’s only worth it if we implicate the audience in the story.” If because they’re clicking, they’re more invested, then it’s worth this added distraction. —Daniel Scheinert

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